$1,000 Night THIS Saturday May 2nd 7pm

 THIS Saturday May 2nd 7pm

Every Reg. Game


Only $10 Buy-in


Thank you… Seahawks



ALL New Lucky Split Progressive

All Sessions




All New Wed. & Thur. 7pm Sessions

$175/$350 Every Regular Game






 Friday OPEN 10:30am & 7pm

 10:30am ALL New Format

                    $125/$250 Every Reg. Game



7pm….$300 Night


Every Regular Game




Saturday OPEN 10:30am, 2 & 7pm



10:30am & 2pm

$125/$250 Every Reg. Games….All New Format


Saturday  7pm


Every Regular  Game


Sunday Open 10:30am,  2 & 6pm




10:30am & 2pm    ALL New formats

Every Reg. Game $125/$250




Every Regular Game







Coming Soon See Below


















 See This WEEKEND Specials Below



Q. How long does a Bingo session last?

A. About 2 hours 45 minutes

Q. How early should we arrive?

A. New players should arrive 30 minutes before the sessions starts so we can get you all ready to play.

Q. How much does it cost to play?

A. You can spend as little as $12 to play a entire regular session. Some special sessions may be a little less or more based on the payout specials.

Q. Is there an age limit?

A. 10 years old and must play

Q. What do I have to play?

A. Everyone has to play an Admission Pack.  As little as $5 depending on the session.

We have Electronics Bingo equipment and Paper Bingo cards.

Q. What can I win?



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SEE All Specials Below

NEW…. Played ALL Sessions (starting Dec. 3rd 2014

$10,000  Cashboard

48#’s for $10,000…..

49#’s thru 54#’s for $1,199

50 $1,199 winners since May 1st 2013


This WEEKEND……Specials


Friday 2 Sessions

10:30am & 7pm

10:30 am All New Format

$125/$250 Every Reg. Game




Every Regular Game



Saturday 10:30, 2pm & 7pm 



 10:30am & 2pm

All New Formats  $125/$250 Reg. Games



$1,000/$2,000/$3,000 …EVERY regular GAME 


Sunday Open 10:30am, 2 & 6pm

  10:30am & 2pm

All New Formats

$125/$250 Regular Games






$200/$400/$600 Every Regular Game





See ALL Days & Specials below






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New for May

The MEGA machine 126 cards

now you have 5 choices:

MEGA       126 Cards

Ultimate   96 cards

Full           66 cards

mini          36 cards


Saturday May 2nd 7pm

 $1,000 Night


New Sunday’s 6pm

For May

Every Sunday is a SPECIAL


$500 Night

Saturday May 9th 7pm


Every Regular Game


Mother’s Day

Sunday MAY 10th All 3 Sessions

4 FREE Full sized Daubers for MOM


EVERY Game in the PACK $250/$500

20 Games OVER $6,000 Will GO





Back to BACK….. Friday 15th & Saturday 16th 7pm

$400 Night…EVERY game in the PACK  20 Games

Friday & Saturday  7pm

Over $9,000 Will Go


Sat. April 18th 7pm

$500 Night



Sunday May 17th  6pm

1/2 Price Machine Night



$1,000 Will Go Bonanza

Friday May 29th 7pm


$500 Gas Card Drawings….4 cards @ $500

Saturday May 30th 2 & 7pm

Sunday    May 31st  2 & 6pm


NEW Wednesday


$175/$350 Every Regular Game

Buy a Machine Get Free STAR Included


NEW…Thursday’s 7pm

Buy a Machine Get a Free Star

$175/$350 Every Reg. Game









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Sessions 10:30 am & 7 pm



ONLY $6 Buy-in 6 on pack



BUY Full, Ultimate or Mega FREE Star Included




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Thursday nights 7pm NEW…

 Thursdays…. ALL NEW Format

Admission $6   6 on pack

$1 singles, $10 Doubles

Pays $175/$350 All Regular Games

Buy a Machine get Free Star

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Fridays In May

Sessions 10:30 am & 7 pm



Friday 10:30 am  All New Formats

$125/$250 All Regular Games


Friday 1st


Only $6 Buy-in

 $300/$600/$900  Regular Games


Friday 8th 7pm

Pay $300/$600/$900  Every  Regular Game

$6 Buy-in


Friday 1th 7pm

Only $8 Buy-in

$400/$800 Every  Game in the PACK

Friday 22nd 7pm….. Drawing For 10 FREE Mega Machines


$300/$600/$900 EVERY Regular Game

Friday May 29th 7pm

$1,000 Will go Bonanza



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Saturdays In May

Sessions 10:30 am, 2 pm & 7 pm


Saturday May 2nd 7pm

Every Reg. Game


$10 Buy in


Saturday May 9th

7pm $500 Night

Every Regulard Game Pays



Saturday 16th


$400/$800 EVERY  Game in the PACK

20 Games  Over $9,000 Will Go



Saturday May 23rd

10 FREE Mega Machine Drawings  7pm



$300/$600/$900 EVERY Regular Game


Saturday May 30th

$500 Gas Card Drawings 2 & 7pm



$400/$800 Every Game in the PACK

20 Games….OVER $9,000 Will GO










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Sundays In May

Sessions 10:30am, 2 pm & 6 pm


Sunday’s in April

6 pm New Special Every Sunday



April 3rd 6pm……check your email

Every Reg. Game


Buy in ONLY $6



Every Game In the Pack $250/$500

Mother’s Day…Sunday May 1oth 6pm

20 Games Pay $250/$500  Over $6,ooo Will Go

All  3 Sessions….4 Free Full size Daubers to Moms



1/2 Price Machines

Sunday May 17th 6pm


Sunday May 24th 6pm…10 FREE Mega Machine Drawings

$250/$500 EVERY Game in the Pack

20 Games….Over $6,000 Will GO


Sunday May 31st  2 & 6pm

$500 Gas Card Drawings









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Progressive Bonanza

Progressive Bonanza 52#’s

Played All Sessions

$3690.00 jackpot won Wed. April 3rd 7pm session

$2580.00 jackpot won Saturday Nov. 2nd 2pm session

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